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Pinky Paradise Vassen Cloud Nine Red Circle Lens

Check out Pinky Paradise for amazing circle lens!

Use the discount code "vanniechuong" for a free mystery gift with your order!

Follow their Instagram @pinkyparadisedotcom

Vassen Cloud Nine Red Circle lens. Perfect circle lens for Rize!
The package came with my two orders of circle lens. They are wrapped securely. You also get a hair accessory to use to put your hair back when applying the circle lens.

Rize Kamishiro from Tokyo Ghoul inspired makeup


Diameter: 14.5/15.00 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm 
Life Span: Yearly disposal 
Prescription: Left -1.25 Right -1.00

Comfort 3/5
These circle lens are moderately comfortable. The first hour I inserted the circle lens in my eye, my left eye felt a bit irritated, but my right eye was perfectly fine. The circle lens will shift around the first hour and a red halo (from the contact lens) will be visible. However, after the first hour, my eyes adjusted to the circle lens and there were no more complications. I wore the circle lens for a full 8 hours comfortably after the first hour.
Enlargement 5/5
The description states 14.5/15.00mm, but I definitely do think these are 15.00mm! They are much larger than regular contact lens and give you the "dolly eye" and enlargement effect. These circle lens are perfect for cosplay and enlargement!
Color and Design 5/5
I absolutely love the color and design. I love how the red print is spaced out (refer to above images), which creates a greater anime eye effect. Furthermore, the black ring around the circle lens further enhances the anime eye look. The red is also a very beautiful tone. It is bright, vivid and appealing color.

Naturalness 1/5
These circle lens are NOT natural. They are perfect for cosplaying however! One of the best red circle lens I have tried!

Shipping 4/5
Shipping was standard. It took approximately 3-4 weeks for my order to process and arrive.
Overall, I would recommend the Vassen Cloud Nine Red circle lens! They have a beautiful color and design and extremely enlarging. These are perfect for cosplaying and will transform you into an awesome anime character! Don't forget to use my discount code "Vanniechuong" to get a free mystery gift when you purchase from Pinky Paradise


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